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04 October 2016

Wedding Diaries

Welcome back to my blog! I'm currently in Romania and the reason I'm here is to actually celebrate my brother's wedding! I won't be sharing too many details, neither too many photos since that would be unfair to him & her, but I will share with you the stunning dress I wore and a few details of the wedding. 

The wedding was absolutely beautiful w so many beautiful guests. The bride was out of this world and so was the groom, not only because he is my brother, but because they were truly beautiful. The wedding was like a dream come true w delicious cuisine, wonderful location and amazing atmosphere - nothing was missing, and nothing stopped the special day from being the perfect wedding. I know that the word perfect is an imperfect description, but it was truly a day to remember. 

The dress I wore was a special one w details that reminds me of Valentino. This choice of dress, made me feel really great that day, all day. It was pretty hot that day, so I needed something thin layered and flattery, but something that was also wedding appropiate at the same time. This dress was exactly what I had in mind, especially when it comes to the color of it! My makeup was very natural and so did my hair as you can tell from the photos down below. I wanted to go for the effortless, but put together look at the same - it was a wedding after all. 

Let me know what you think about my look in the comments section.

Before I go, I want to let you know that the next post is going to be really exiting! Keep an eye open for the upcoming post where the very first giveaway will be featured!


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