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15 October 2016

We talk fall & trends

Hello babes! Today, I'd love to share with you my top trends for this season! There are a lot of trends appearing and disappearing, and not many truly make a statement. There are a few trends that really have captured my attention, and I will definitely integrate them in my style this fall! Keep on reading to find out what they are! 

Untitled #93

The first trend that I'm absolutely loving is Bomber jackets! I really love the cut of these jackets and also the fact that they're really cool and stylish! I'm wearing a Bomber jacket on the post where I talked about my road trip to Stavanger, a Bomber jacket that I literally can't stop wearing. That jacket it's on a longer note which is even more perfect, and the color of it it's a really pretty dusted pink! Jacket from Pimkie.

Untitled #94

You can find them here : 

Bomber Island Life :
Shiney Bomber :
Tropical Print Bomber :
Embroidered Bomber :

Untitled #95

Even though I don't own one of these yet, I find hoodie dresses a pretty cool trend! We all have and love lazy days; wearing comfortable clothes and watching series on repeat. A hoodie dress it's perfect for not always lazy days, but also days when you want to look put together and comfortable at the same time. You can dress them down or you can dress them up which is always a bonus! Either ways, they are super cool! 

You can find them here : 

Hoodie Dress beige :
Hoodie Sweat Dress :
Hoodie Dress Light Grey :
Hoodie Dress Pink :

Untitled #96

Another trend that I really like is chokers! I've been wearing two before here on the blog, but
 this time it's more about bow chockers! I think they look really simple, but add a pretty touch 
to a basic outfit. These necklaces can get to even a hundred dollars which in my opinion isn't 
worth it, because they're super simple to recreate! All you need is a piece of ribbon that you 
need to tie like a bow.. and Voila! You got a new piece of trend! 

                            If you are not a diy type of person, I found a few chokers that 
                are really afforable and cute at the same time! You can find them here :

                                           Bow Wrap Choker :
                                                        Mudder Choker :
                                                        Suede Bow Choker :
                                                        Artemis Choker : BaubleBar 

Untitled #97

Another trend that is really happening is the color orange! This color, surprisingly, is really loved and popular this time around! What do you think about this trend?

You can find the items here : 

Jumpsuit :
Coral Bardot Top :
Mini Skirt :

Untitled #98

I believe this is the most loved trend of this fall! Slip shirts over simple / basic t-shirts are truly in. Me, myself and I are obsessed with this trend and I can't wait to share with you my twist on it! I feel that this is a trend you either love or you don't.. I love it! 
On which side are you?

You can find the items here : 

Plus Holly 2 in 1 :
Grey Metallic :

Untitled #99

The last trend I'd like to share with you is the velvet one! I can't declare that I was the biggest 
fan of velvet, because honestly, I used to dislike velvet before, but since this fall, I actually love
velvet! Velvet items and pieces are really in this season, so you better make up your mind
 whether this is something you go for or you not!

You can find the items here : 

Grey Dress :

Let me know which trends you are loving this season and join the conversation in the comments section below! Thank you so much for reading! X 

14 October 2016

Vintage Vibes

Vintage dress, time-honored location & nude heels reminds me of great times. Even though the photos are taken back in September when I used to be proud of my Rapunzel hair, I still wanted to share with you a couple of photos. Hope you enjoyed! X 

13 October 2016

Mr. Postman

Good morning babes & welcome back to my blog! I hope that you’re having a good day, because I’m sure having one! I mean, how wouldn’t I have a good day when I woke up next to my mail? It makes me so happy whenever I get something in the mail, because most of the time I even forget what I ordered because of the super long delivery time, so that becomes quite a surprise every time I open the packages! 

Today was not the case; The company I ordered the products from was incredible when speaking about delivery. I ordered a few products from Vita, which is a Norwegian beauty store that sells beauty / skincare / health products from different brands. I remember ordering two days ago and getting my order after only two days it’s truly pleasant!

I’ve only ordered four products since I wasn’t looking for anything special, only an oil that I’m obsessed with. It’s called Bio Oil and I’ve talked before about it on my blog on a post about morning favorites. This time, I’ve ordered the bigger size since I can promise you that I’ve seen a difference on my skin since I’ve been using this product.

I’ve also ordered two products from Formula 10.0.6. A mask and a cleanser that I’m super excited to try out for the first time! I’ve used a cleanser before from this particular brand named Absolute Dream Clean, and I really liked it. I also ordered a Baby Lips balm in Peach, because who doesn't love soft, baby lips? I do.

Thank you so much for reading this post and let me know in the comments below if you have tried these products out before and what you think about them! X 

Road Trip to Stavanger

Hello again dolls! I'm sharing with you a few captured moments from yesterday's road trip to Stavanger! If you're wondering what Stavanger is, let me tell you that Stavanger is the third-largest city & metropolitan area in Norway! Also, if you notice something different about my hair, then I'd admit that I've cut my hair! *shock* 

I wanted to do that for a pretty long time and I finally got the chance while I was in Romania. Honestly, I'm really happy that I did it! My hair feels shorter, but it feels good. It's also easier taking care of it and styling it. A post about that will soon be up on the blog!

I hope you enjoy this post and also, I'd love to know what you think about short or shorter hair. Let me know your opinions in the comments section below. X 

The day couldn't have started more beautiful! This rainbow was so beautiful and really made my day! Outfit details will be listed at the end of this post.

We had to get on a ferry boat, since that's the only way to get over to the other side. The weather was nice, even tough the sun wasn't shinning. At least it didn't rain thihi. Hot chocolate & a glass of water and a lot of chatting was the perfect combination! 

Dinner was delicious and without further due, we were on our way home. 

It has been such an incredible trip with wonderful people & great atmosphere. I've really enjoyed myself and also enjoyed every moment of the day. I love road trips! 

Outfit details : 

My shoes are Pull & Bear 
Jeans from Zara
Jacket from Pimkie
T-shirt is Terranova
Scarf can't remember
Smile from my boyfriend

Thank you for reading! X 

12 October 2016

It's a girl thing

Good evening & welcome back to my blog! Yesterday was not only a brand new and beautiful day, but also important and special. Whether you got informed on social platforms or you learn now more about it here on my blog, it makes a difference that you get informed! If you got excited, please keep on reading! X 

Yesterday meant something to me because I am a girl and Because I am a girl is a global movement driven by Plan International to ensure girls everywhere can learn, lead, decide and thrive. I didn’t wanted to write about it yesterday because I’m not a fan of people who shows they care and all that jazz only when the thing or whatever they care about is celebrated or is important that day. Don't get me wrong, it's important to celebrate what you stand for when it is celebrated internationally, but the cause is often forgotten or only touched when it's marked on the calendar. I write about this campaign a day after because I still think it’s important even though the International Day of the Girl isn’t celebrated also today. Because I am a girl, I care about other girls & their rights not only on our International Day, but always. For me, there is no such thing as International Day because I am a girl and I believe we should celebrate girls every day. Yesterday, today and in the future days we’ll celebrate a global moment for girls and you’re invited to join us!

11 October has been a key global moment to celebrate the power of girls and highlight the barriers they face since the United Nations adopted it as International Day of the Girl in December 2011.  

Why is it important to me?

It’s important to me because firstly I am a girl myself. It’s not about the modern woman or sexism, it’s about rights and equality that some girls don’t yet have. It’s about simple things and things most of us take for granted, like education and freedom. We realize that there are children, especially girls who don’t have these things, something we didn’t even thought of because it feels normal that everybody goes to school or that every girl decide for herself when she'll get married.

It’s important to me because I believe every human being has the right to education, freedom and equality. It’s important to me because girls are just as important as boys are!

Research from Because I am a girl campaign :

“Our extensive research shows that girls continue to be the single most excluded group in the world. They face discrimination and abuse simply for being young and female. Girls and young women are often denied their right to:

engage actively and equally in society,
take important decisions about their futures and bodies,
justice and equal opportunities,
protection from gender based violence.”

One of the four things this campaign works for is Education. You can learn more about the other three things on their official website. The link will be given at the end of this post. 

All girls have the right to a quality, safe, formal education and access to lifelong learning.

There are currently 100 million girls in low and lower-middle income countries who cannot read a single sentence. Yet, evidence shows that for every year of education a girl completes, her future income increases by more than 10%. Educating girls benefits their families and communities, and strengthens whole countries and continents.

Progress is being made in getting girls to attend and complete primary school. One in 5 adolescent girls across the world is out of school. The constraints of poverty, location, gender stereotypes, social norms and customs can all be barriers for girls when it comes to getting an education.

Education is transformational for girls. It is the key to unlocking their potential. Educated girls are more likely to marry later and have fewer, healthier children. As a result, they have a better chance of staying healthy and remaining alive. When an educated girl grows up, she is more likely to invest her income in her children and send them to school. An educated girl will be a force for change in her society, raising the status of girls and women.

How can I help? 

You can join the movement here : 
Read more about the campaign here : 

Source of parts of the text as well as photos /

Get involved 

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