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15 October 2016

We talk fall & trends

Hello babes! Today, I'd love to share with you my top trends for this season! There are a lot of trends appearing and disappearing, and not many truly make a statement. There are a few trends that really have captured my attention, and I will definitely integrate them in my style this fall! Keep on reading to find out what they are! 

Untitled #93

The first trend that I'm absolutely loving is Bomber jackets! I really love the cut of these jackets and also the fact that they're really cool and stylish! I'm wearing a Bomber jacket on the post where I talked about my road trip to Stavanger, a Bomber jacket that I literally can't stop wearing. That jacket it's on a longer note which is even more perfect, and the color of it it's a really pretty dusted pink! Jacket from Pimkie.

Untitled #94

You can find them here : 

Bomber Island Life :
Shiney Bomber :
Tropical Print Bomber :
Embroidered Bomber :

Untitled #95

Even though I don't own one of these yet, I find hoodie dresses a pretty cool trend! We all have and love lazy days; wearing comfortable clothes and watching series on repeat. A hoodie dress it's perfect for not always lazy days, but also days when you want to look put together and comfortable at the same time. You can dress them down or you can dress them up which is always a bonus! Either ways, they are super cool! 

You can find them here : 

Hoodie Dress beige :
Hoodie Sweat Dress :
Hoodie Dress Light Grey :
Hoodie Dress Pink :

Untitled #96

Another trend that I really like is chokers! I've been wearing two before here on the blog, but
 this time it's more about bow chockers! I think they look really simple, but add a pretty touch 
to a basic outfit. These necklaces can get to even a hundred dollars which in my opinion isn't 
worth it, because they're super simple to recreate! All you need is a piece of ribbon that you 
need to tie like a bow.. and Voila! You got a new piece of trend! 

                            If you are not a diy type of person, I found a few chokers that 
                are really afforable and cute at the same time! You can find them here :

                                           Bow Wrap Choker :
                                                        Mudder Choker :
                                                        Suede Bow Choker :
                                                        Artemis Choker : BaubleBar 

Untitled #97

Another trend that is really happening is the color orange! This color, surprisingly, is really loved and popular this time around! What do you think about this trend?

You can find the items here : 

Jumpsuit :
Coral Bardot Top :
Mini Skirt :

Untitled #98

I believe this is the most loved trend of this fall! Slip shirts over simple / basic t-shirts are truly in. Me, myself and I are obsessed with this trend and I can't wait to share with you my twist on it! I feel that this is a trend you either love or you don't.. I love it! 
On which side are you?

You can find the items here : 

Plus Holly 2 in 1 :
Grey Metallic :

Untitled #99

The last trend I'd like to share with you is the velvet one! I can't declare that I was the biggest 
fan of velvet, because honestly, I used to dislike velvet before, but since this fall, I actually love
velvet! Velvet items and pieces are really in this season, so you better make up your mind
 whether this is something you go for or you not!

You can find the items here : 

Grey Dress :

Let me know which trends you are loving this season and join the conversation in the comments section below! Thank you so much for reading! X 


  1. What is your favorite trend of this season? X

    1. My favorite trend is obviously orange!! I've been loving that colour since i was a litle girl.. so happy is in trend this fall :)

    2. Slip dress over t-shirt is the best!! <3

  2. All of them!! Nice post <333


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