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13 October 2016

Road Trip to Stavanger

Hello again dolls! I'm sharing with you a few captured moments from yesterday's road trip to Stavanger! If you're wondering what Stavanger is, let me tell you that Stavanger is the third-largest city & metropolitan area in Norway! Also, if you notice something different about my hair, then I'd admit that I've cut my hair! *shock* 

I wanted to do that for a pretty long time and I finally got the chance while I was in Romania. Honestly, I'm really happy that I did it! My hair feels shorter, but it feels good. It's also easier taking care of it and styling it. A post about that will soon be up on the blog!

I hope you enjoy this post and also, I'd love to know what you think about short or shorter hair. Let me know your opinions in the comments section below. X 

The day couldn't have started more beautiful! This rainbow was so beautiful and really made my day! Outfit details will be listed at the end of this post.

We had to get on a ferry boat, since that's the only way to get over to the other side. The weather was nice, even tough the sun wasn't shinning. At least it didn't rain thihi. Hot chocolate & a glass of water and a lot of chatting was the perfect combination! 

Dinner was delicious and without further due, we were on our way home. 

It has been such an incredible trip with wonderful people & great atmosphere. I've really enjoyed myself and also enjoyed every moment of the day. I love road trips! 

Outfit details : 

My shoes are Pull & Bear 
Jeans from Zara
Jacket from Pimkie
T-shirt is Terranova
Scarf can't remember
Smile from my boyfriend

Thank you for reading! X 


  1. Beautiful photos <333 love your jacket and your new hair is PERFECT! It suits really well <333

  2. Glad u had a good time <3

  3. aw, girl that hair suits you perfectly! love the positive vibes i get by reading your blog, so keep up with the good work :*

  4. Can you do a post about your hair routine? Would be really appreciated. xx


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