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28 September 2016

Moments of the day

Hello from Romania, first of all! And now let’s cut to the chase – I got donuts! You know, those donuts you see pretty much everywhere.. Yepp, I finally got my hands on some of them. I was so excited when my eyes fell on a pink and literally sweet boutique displaying all kind of donuts because I knew right away that I had to try them! I wanted for so long to understand what the fuss about those good-looking donuts is really about and I finally did.. 

they’re only good-looking.

I don’t know if it were only these donuts that I got or if they taste like this in general, but I was really disappointed of how they tasted. I expected them to be as people described them, but instead I realized I had way too high expectations. They looked Tumblrery and cool, but the taste wasn’t as good as I thought. Now, I’m a big donut lover and I truly didn’t like them.

They were basically too much for my personal taste and what I didn’t like most about them was that they didn’t seem to be as newly baked as they should have. They tasted fine, but they weren’t really that good and delicious as they first appeared. The donuts are from Glaze Haze and although the donuts weren’t bingo, I’m not complaining, but only sharing with you my experience. I’ve tasted donuts that tasted way better than these and they weren’t even covered in glaze. Maybe not all donuts that look pretty are as good as they might appear, and maybe it’s more about the taste and less about how colorful they are?

I’d say that the one that tasted best was the chocolate and vanilla one, which was filled with vanilla cream inside. The two others are the Strawberry and the Bubblegum, and the Bubblegum one which I was most excited about tasted disappointment. 

Do you have any donuts favorites?

I’m also sharing with you my outfit of the day, but first of all I really need to make a statement about my hair and declare that my so-called lazy bun was too lazy, so excuse the laziness of my bun and let me get to the details of my outfit. Chocker necklace from Zara, jeggings are Pull & Bear and shoes Graceland. 


  1. you look bomb, as always <3

  2. Loved the photos <33 and your bun, your lazy bun

  3. Your shoes are so stylish, link? :*

    1. Thank you! You can find them here : X

  4. Amazing outfit xx

    is there any Instagram up?

    1. Thank you! A new Instagram account will be launched soon! X

  5. Beautiful and Inspiring post. Obsessed with the necklace you have. Amazing posts always on your blog :-)

  6. You are so pretty :')


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