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26 September 2016

Questions and Answers

I'm finally answering your questions related to the topic back to school! If I haven't answered your question here leave it down below in the comments section and I'll answer it in the future Q&A. I hope you enjoy reading this post and get an answer to your question! X

  How do you get along with mean girls?

Mean girls are the easiest to deal with; you literally ignore them. Ignorance kills their vibes, their negative & toxic vibes. One thing to understand it is that they want your attention, so give them the opposite. Surprise!

   How to eat healthy while being at school?

Eat only healthy foods; A great thing to do is to prepare your lunch at home because this way you won’t be tented to buy unhealthy foods since you already have lunch. If you don’t have, there has to be healthy choices that you can make.

Tips on studying for a test?

The best advice that I can give anyone is to basically pay attention in classes instead of desperately trying to suck in all the book in one or two days before the test. Find techniques that will help you understand the material better and ask for help when help is needed.

Easy and fast makeup look for school?

Go for a natural makeup that won’t take you more than 10 minutes. A base that will even out your skin, like a BB Cream or even foundation powder works great. A strike of your holy grail mascara to lengthen and thickens your lashes; and a lip balm or lip tint to moisturize your lips and give them a natural but better color shade - and you good to go. A great product to have is a two-in-one stick that can be used for both cheeks and lips. Multi purposed products are amazing in these situations!

How to deal with annoying teachers?

Now I know there are two categories of annoying teachers; The first one is the teachers that are really annoying, the ones that will keep your eyes on you literally all the time and try to punish you for even the most innocent things, and then there are the annoying teachers that aren’t actually annoying. What I mean by this is that they will ask you to put your phone away three times and when you don’t really care about what they’re asking you start feeling that they’re annoying, but actually they are only asking you to do a thing that you should have done in the first place all yourself. It’s cool to remember that teachers are selling their wisdom for a regular pay check, so I feel like they deserve more respect than what they usually get.

 How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

Personally, it only takes me around 30 minutes to get ready in the morning. Too long?!

What's in your backpack?

I try to keep my backpack as clean and organized as I can and that means keeping only a few things; the things I truly need. I always have my laptop, a notebook, a few pens, a bottle of water, personal items and that’s pretty much everything.

How to make sure nobody takes your stuff?

I know it’s pretty popular to lose things in school and a great thing to do when making sure nobody takes your stuff whether they mean or not is by putting your name on everywhere. Make labels with your name and place them on all your things, this was you will recognize your things.


  1. Ce frumoasa esti, pe romana nu faci postari?

    1. Multumesc frumos! Deocamdata doar pe engleza X


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