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25 September 2016

from Romania with Love

I've been waiting for this day to come for so long that it almost feels unreal it finally came! Today is the day I have packed my suitcase ( I did it yesterday due to my crazy excitement lol ), and left for Romania. 

Not many of you know that I was born in Romania and spend the first years of my childhood in the country I call for home. I get crazy excited everytime I return to the good old days because Romania it's such a beautiful country, and special to me; just being there makes me happy - and I haven't yet mentioned all the other things a trip to Romania comes with. 

     After a few hours we arrived in Amsterdam where we had to get on board on yet another           plane. The trip went all good and the excitement to finally arrive raised even higher. 

      After a few more hours, we landed in amazing Bucharest which is the capital of Romania.     Thanks to KLM for a great and safe trip, and guys, I was more excited than what I appear                                                                            in the photo. X 


  1. Romania is on top of the list of the countries I want to visit <33

  2. Beautiful photos, as always! Glad you had a nice trip :)


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