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08 September 2016

Side to Side

Today I’m sharing with you my favorite bits from my current playlist! I’ve been obsessed with these songs and replaying them over and over and over again.. it’s not even funny, but they are a great source of motivation when I'm not feeling like getting *that* workout done. So either you’re looking for a kick of motivation at the gym or just to chill out, this playlist is a total must! Also, let me know what you’ve been listening to lately & you know the rest of the jazz! We keep in touch 

What have you been listening to lately? 


  1. loving these tunes!! have a nice day beautiful :*

  2. Loved this post cause so many new Remixes perfect for working out! I've been listening so much to Beyonce & Ariana Grande lately.. so good ;)

  3. Alexandra_Deea97Sep 8, 2016, 9:07:00 PM

    The second song is on my miiind! Too good

  4. Two songs from JB! Proud and happy! Loved this post <3

  5. Side to Side it's such a hit. Love from Chicago!! <3

  6. lovelovelove <3<3 thanks for sharing! really needed some new stuff to listen to right now:)


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