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05 October 2016


Good evening dolls! As promised, today I'll be hosting the first giveaway on my blog, something I'm really excited about! The theme of this post and giveaway as well is skincare. I don't know about you, but skincare for me matters. Taking care of my skin it's something I not only love doing, but also find important and necessary! 

I believe that if you decide to wear makeup, then you should also make sure to take it off and not only that; you should also heal the skin by taking good care of it. You only have one skin and that skin will you be having for the rest of your life, so it's truly vital to take good care of it - and that's where the latest and my current favorite skincare range comes in hand! 

This incredible range from Garnier Skin Naturals is efficient and everyday perfect! It comes with three different products that are basically representing the three steps to achieving glowing, clean and healthy skin! I won't go into details about each one of them since it's pretty much obvious what their purpose are, but I will share with you the three steps of this easy and amazing routine! 

Wipe off the makeup is the very first step. The cleansing wipes are amazing to wipe off the makeup, even the eye-makeup! With only one wipe I'm left with no excess of makeup on my face, and the good part of using these wipes is that they don't irritate my skin. I know some wipes really irritates the skin, but happily these doesn't! 

The next step is the 3-in-1 Pure Active. This product is great because you can use in in three different ways; you can wash, scrub and mask. As you can tell from the following scary photo of me, I've used it as a mask this particular day. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and cleaner as ever! 

The final step is to use the Micellar Water; I use it to wash off the rests of the mask, but also as a toner. I feel like it cleans the last signs that needs to be gone from my face and leaves my face feeling soft and as clean as it can get! 

If you would like a chance to win this range of products all you have to do is to comment down below and share your most precious skincare secret! The winner will be randomly chosen and announced on Saturday's post! 
Good luck to everyone entering & thank you for reading this post! X 


  1. wash the face every morning and every night! xx hope i wiiin

  2. Don't touch your face because of the germs can breakouts appear!

  3. Wipe off the makeup, use a mask or scrub and a toner! xx Loved this post, can't wait for Saturday! :)

  4. Eat healthy and drink lots of water! ;) lots of hugs

    1. Congratulations, you are the winner of this giveaway! Email your full name and adress at so we can get in touch and send to you your prize! Thank you for participating X

  5. My grandma taught me to drink lots of water in order to keep my face hydrated :D lovely post, I think talking about skincare is important.

  6. Eye cream is the key! <3 Is this competition open in France also?

  7. Drink a lot of water and natural home-made masks to revitalize the skin! <33 Adelaide

  8. Take off the makeup right away once you get home! :) hope to win, I have heard so many great things about this range <3

  9. Sleep enough and drink much water :P

  10. Wash your face morning & night!!! xx

  11. Daycream & Nightcream :D


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