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07 July 2016

Always listen to your heart

Good morning beautiful and welcome back to my blog! I hope you're all doing fine and I hope you are having a wonderful day! Whatever you decide to do today, make sure it's something that makes you happy. Take some time to yourself even just for a few minutes and do the things that you love & love the things that you do. 

We all know the many things that we have or are supposed to do, but there also might be some things that we should do, but never really find the right time to do them. In the middle of all those things, take some time to listen to your heart. Listen to your heart from time to time, this is the thing I believe we should always take time to do. 

One my favorites authors, Nicholas Sparks, once said "Always listen to your heart, because even though it's on your left side, it's always right." There might be things in your life that you're going through, there might be major decisions you need to take or times when you need to know what it's right, and by listening to your heart you will find all the right answers. 

Listen to your heart because your heart will never lie about your true feelings, because your heart knows things that your mind can't explain and others don't understand. When nothing makes sense, listen to your heart above all other voices because your heart it's always right. 


  1. You are so beautiful and talented

  2. the photos are perfect and so are you. Inspiring post xx

  3. Lovely post! You should do a Q&A post <3 kisses

  4. You should definitely do a questions and answers post. Have so many questions for you! <3

  5. You're so pretty! Love your blog :)

  6. Thank you so much! You are all so sweet! I'll be doing a Q&A post soon, so if any of you have any questions you'd like to ask me, feel free to leave it here. Thank you X

  7. I want to ask you a few questions if it's fine. What it's your height and where do you live? Hope you'll answer them <3

  8. Do you read? Do you have any book recommendations? :)

  9. What are your favorite songs right now? How do you deal with negative people? <3

  10. What matters to you in life?
    How important do you believe education is?
    What helps you through difficult times?

    I hope you'll be answering my questions! Love your blog <3 <3

  11. What are your plans for the future? And how do you see your dream man? <3 Kisses

  12. I really enjoy reading your blog. You are so simple and natural and very beautiful. I was wondering if you are vegan? Xx Greetings from Florida

  13. Thank you all so much for the questions! A post with the answers will very soon be up on the blog. X


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