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19 May 2016

ESSENTIALS things to have in your HANDBAG

We women love handbags, or most of us do. Either a Chanel or a Rebecca Minkoff, a handbag is a handbag, and will always be welcome as an addition to our collection. Some of them are really small, and some of them can be really spacey, but either way we usually fill them with things we shouldn’t be filling them with. I mean, how many of us haven’t  found old receipts or empty gum packs in most of the handbags we own? Or is it just me? Anyway, I came up with some essentials that are vital to carry around in your handbag. Ladies, it’s time to clean up our handbags and fill them with things we actually need!

    1. A bottle of water. This is so important to carry around in your handbag. It’s always good to stay hydrated, especially when it gets so hot outside. So if you don’t want to die thirsty, bring a bottle of water with you next time.

         2.  Tissues. They seem unnecessary, but they are more important than you think. You never know when you’re going to need them, so a pack of tissues won’t harm anyone if you have them in your handbag.

   3.  Makeup item for touches up. I’m not saying that you should take with you your whole makeup collection, but as you know, a powder for touching up your skin and a lipgloss to make your lips shiny again are really nice to have throughout the day. Don’t forget to bring also a compact mirror in case you may need it!

  4.  Notebook and pen. You never know when a great idea will appear into your head, so you better have a notebook and pen to write it down or the chances that you will forget that idea are pretty big.

   5.  Gum. This is so important especially if you eat out and you want your breath to be fresh and fine. Bad breath can be such a turn off, so always have some breath mints or mint gum with you.

  6.  Cash. Today most places give you the option to pay with card, but not every place give you that option, so that’s why it would be a great idea to have some cash in case that will be the only option to pay.

  7.  Charger.  What is more irritating than having low battery on your phone? Luckily, today you can easily purchase a portable battery charger for just a few dollars. Next time when your battery is low, you can just use your mini charger and voila, your phone is charging even when you are on a mountain.

   8.  Headphones. They are always great to have in your handbag in case you might need them, especially if you’re travelling or waiting somewhere. You can download a great podcast on your phone or just listen to the latest hits.

     9. Sunscreen. Protecting your skin from the sun it’s really important, especially when summer is right around the corner. Carrying a mini size or even a travel size of your favorite sunscreen product will make a huge difference and your skin will love you for that.

   10.  Bobby pins. A woman can remember what someone have said for six months ago, but she can’t remember where she put her bobby pin. That’s a saying, but it’s so true. Bobby pins are very handy, even if they are so easy to lose. Having a few in your handbag will save you when you most need it.

 11.  Women stuff. You never know when your period will surprise you, so it’s a great idea to always have a tampon or two in your handbag, just to be sure and safe. Or maybe someone else will ask you for one and who else can be more thankful for something than someone needing a tampon?

12.   Snack. Having a snack in your bag can be really nice, because you never know when you will want or need something to eat. Even better are the healthy ones. Either that is a banana or another fruit of your choise, or a granola bar, you will thank yourself when desperately you will search in your handbag for something to calm you down. 

1. Glass Water Bottle with Stopper 

2. HAY tissue gem tissue box 

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4. Pen  : 

7. Portable Charger

8. Headphones : 

9. Sunscreen

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