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17 May 2016

Why you shouldn't care about others opinions / always do you

"You could be the most beautiful, juiciest peach in the world and there's still going to be someone who doesn't like peaches."

All of us once in our lifetime have dealt with caring-about-what-other-people-think-about-me issue, and I’m naming it an issue because this thing has become a permanent worry for most of the people and sadly, an everyday issue for mostly girls. It’s in our nature to think, often too much, compare ourselves to others and caring about others opinions, like if by doing that we would be able to cure cancer. When caring about what other people think about you, worrying and asking yourself too many questions about whether you are good enough or if the blue top you recently bought will be liked by others, unfortunately  you only worry too much and care about a thing that you shouldn’t be caring about at all.

Why is this issue affecting girls mostly? This issue of overthinking about others opinions affects girls most, because they are the ones being bombarding with the perfect-image, with hashtag #goals, and with the voice that constantly tells them, “Do that and you’ll have the perfect bikini body!”, “Check out this new incredible diet if you want to get the most glowing skin!”, or “You have to be like this, and like this, and like this!” Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with wanting to become more healthy, wanting to feel better in your own skin, or feeling more happier, but in today’s world the only thing most of the girls want is to be perfect. To have the Victoria’s Secret body, snow-white teeth, big lips and small nose, and so on. Wanting these things desperately and thinking that you must, otherwise you are not popular or good enough, is a miserable nightmare. This nightmare is energy-killer and it’s only full of unrealistic goals. When girls are stressing about these things, it’s normal they care about what others think about them. Others opinions are less important than knowing they’re beautiful the way they are and good enough, in fact, others opinions are not important at all.

Everyone is different and everyone thinks differently, based on their background, life situation, personality and so on. If you think a dress is beautiful, or you are wearing an orange lipstick and think it’s pretty, that it’s all that matters. There may be people who think that dress isn’t beautiful at all, or that orange is a miserable color to put on the lips, and that’s totally normal and fine. Just because they don’t like that color or anything else doesn’t matter at all. There are things we like and dislike and it’s alright because we are all different, but that doesn’t matter that you can’t wear that lipstick! It’s fine if people don’t like that, as long as you do that’s what matters. We care about others opinions because we truly want to be accepted and liked, we want others to think that we are beautiful or we want them to have a good opinion on us, but that is their problem. We can't control other people, neither their thoughts, therefore we should always be ourselves and the right people will like us for that!  

Don’t let others opinions affect you, and don’t think at all about what others think or not, because in the end your happiness is what matters most! 

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