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20 May 2016


Getting healthier doesn't mean changing your entire lifestyle. With small steps and better choices you can improve your health and wellness very easily. I came up with some tips that might be great to follow through your journey. 

Drink more water. I’m sure you have heard this several times, “drink more water, drink more water!” but it’s more important than you may think. If you drink enough water you will feel more energized, your skin will look more radiant and clear and you will feel much better. Drinking at least 2 liters of water a day it’s wonderful for your health and wellness. To spice up your water, you can try infused water. A post about it will be up soon.

Think positive. Being positive can really change your life in such a good way. When you think positive, you focus on the good side of the things, you focus on beautiful things that can happen, instead of the bad things that can happen and usually never happen, and you are overall a happier person. Being positive doesn’t mean that you are happy all the time, but it means that you look at things from another perspective, which will keep you from stress and overthinking.

Eat more fruits and vegetables. Eating more healthy and clean can do amazing things not only for your skin, but also for your overall wellness. Both fruits and vegetables are naturally low on calories and rich in vitamins and minerals that help you feel energized.  If you want to get more healthy and feel better in your own skin, try cutting out especially processed foods, sugar and soda, and instead add more fresh fruits and veggies into your diet. There are a lot amazing fruits that are on season right now, like strawberries and watermelons.

Protect your skin. Everyone wants to get a tan, but not everyone wants to be risking having skin-cancer or aging prematurely because of the strong sun radiations. This is very important, especially in the summer when the sun is up most days and warmer than ever. You can protect your skin by wearing sunglasses ( you are protecting your eyes ), hat or caps ( you are protecting your head which is amazing because nobody likes headaches ) and sunscreen ( you are protecting your skin ). Choose the right SPF based on your skin and skin color, and reapply after you have been showering, swimming or after it's completely absorbed. 

Sleep more. Did you know that the hours before midnight are the most effective hours you can get of sleep? Next time when you’re feeling like you can take on the world at 12 am, try instead to get some sleep and you will thank yourself for that. Sleeping more it’s also a great idea if you want to lose weight, because when you sleep you don’t get hungry and then you won’t be binging. The recommended time for sleep is 8 hours.

Exercise. Relax, when I say exercise it doesn’t need to be sweating for four hours in the gym. If you are not a gym person, it’s totally fine because there are plenty of other things that you can do. You can either go for a walk, take the stairs instead of elevators, dance in your room, do yoga or play a sport. You can also search on the internet for workouts or exercises that you can do everywhere you want. The key to being active is to find and do something that you love. This way, you will want to do it again, but if you do something that you dislike for instance, going to the gym, the chances for wanting to do that again aren’t big. Remember, it doesn’t have to be something complicated, as long as you get moving at least 30 minutes a day, you are on the right path!

Be happy. This is harder than it seems but there are anyway some things you can do to get yourself in a good mood. Happiness is good for you health, it combats stress and strengthens your immune system. Listening to good music, being with friends or baking your favorite dessert, are some of the things that can make you feel happy. Remember, you will have less happy days like everyone else and that it’s totally normal and fine, but choose to be happy a everyday. Happiness is a choice. 

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