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05 August 2016

The pool

Hello beautiful and welcome back to my blog for a new post! I had a really great time by the pool today, so I'm sharing with you a little update and a few captured moments that I hope you'll enjoy! Happy Reading X 

Time has really gone by too fast and the end of this incredibly beautiful holiday is almost here. It's been truly beautiful here and a couple of blessed weeks in gorgeous Spain that I will definitely miss. I've enjoyed every single day to the fullest and caught both sunrise & sunset, something I really looked forward to. The sun has been present the whole time which was lovely, but believe me or not, I can't wait to feel the rain again, a little. 

Today, I decided to spend a few hours at the pool which turned out to be an incredible good idea because for some reason, the place was totally empty! I love being at the pool, especially when nobody is there and I have the whole pool to myself. Being at the pool is also pretty safe, I mean sharks won't be a danger, as they have been the last time I was at the beach. It was red flag which means that you can't get in the water, and neither could you because the shark was only three meters distance. 

Fruits, a bottle of water and positive vibes and voila, it's all you need for the perfect time at the pool. If you are feeling fancy and the place is empty, music is the cherry on top of the cake, and whenever you're getting too hot, a great swim will definitely refresh you! 

Thank you for reading! X

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