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01 August 2016

Accessorize Beauty

Hello beautiful, today I'm sharing with you a little beauty haul! I've done some shopping here in Spain and I came across beauty products from Accessorize. I got a few bits that I'd like to share with you and I'd also love to know if you ever have tried them yourself and what your thoughts are on them. Join the conversation down below and happy reading! 

Even if I was really surprised to see Accessorize beauty products in the store and also the lower prices they have here, I only got a few bits that I wanted to try out. I'm really excited to see how they work, if I like them or not and if I'm happy with this brand. It's actually my first time trying out Accessorize beauty products and I can't wait to see if they are as cute as they look. Have you ever tried Accessorize beauty products? 

The first thing that I got is this gorgeous looking mascara! I've actually tested this mascara in store a long time ago and I really liked it, but unfortunately they were sold out. Now that I found it again, I had to get it! It's called the Big Volume Mascara and I have it in black. 

I really loved the packing, but what really caught my attention was the brush. I've never seen such a dramatic brush and I hope it will really work and give me big volume as it says. The price of this mascara was only €1,13 which is almost insane for a mascara! 

I've also got a face powder since I needed one and the one that I got is in the shade Nude Glow. I'll be using this powder to set my foundation or just the T-zone when needed. This face powder is supposed to eliminate shine and to give you a long wearing flawless finish! It also comes with an applicator and even a mirror, and it's not too big either which makes it the perfect powder. 

The price of this powder was €1,35 which is again an insane price for a powder, but we shall see how good it is! 

Moving on to the lips, I obviously couldn't resist not getting anything. I got two type of crayons because I really wanted to try some of this type of product out. The first one that I got is a beautiful red-berry kind of shade called Sweet Kiss, and the second one is a berry-purple kind of shade called All Glam. These two products are lip tint and balm all in one product and they really are moisturizing and tinted. 

The only thing that I'm disappointed about is the All Glam which looked much darker, but to be honest the difference between these two isn't big at all. I couldn't test them in the store, otherwise I wouldn't have got both since they are pretty much same shade, especially the All Glam which I expected to be as it looked on the packaging, but it's still a pretty shade, just not really what I was looking for. The price for each lip tint and balm was €0,86. 

I also got a pack of three lip glosses which costed €2,69. It was a good deal getting it since only one lip gloss costed €2 and so I got three for those money and a little more. If you know me you know that I used to love lip glosses and when I got older I kind of was more into matte products and really loved a great pair of lip liner and lip stick, but I still find lip glosses cute and whenever I find one that I really like, I get it. 

I couldn't find the name of them, but they are really pretty and moisturizing. I really like the shades even though it's not really a big difference between them when applied on the lips. They are really natural and glowing, and they don't contain any glitter. Because I don't want my lips always all shining, I gently press my lips on a tissue in order to remove the excess gloss of my lips! 

These were all the products that I got! Not many as I've mentioned, but the ones that I wanted to try out! Let me know if you have tried any Accessorize beauty products and your opinions on them down below. X 

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