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01 July 2016

Styling Statements

Hello darling! Today I would like to share with you some of my styling statements. I'm not a stylist, but I have a few things that I keep in mind whenever I dress up. Let me know what  you think about them and if you find any that you like. Happy Reading x 

Stay classy. I never liked the idea of showing too much skin when wearing an outfit. No matter how expensive that outfit might be, I think that when too much skin is revealed it only seems cheap. If I want to show my legs, then I don’t show my upper part and if I want to focus on my upper part than I won’t show my legs. It’s all about not revealing too much, otherwise you might appear as someone you don’t want.. you know, clothes tells everything.

Basics. Basics are timeless and essentials. They go with everything and you can never go wrong with them, so make sure you stock up on basics. This can include, white and black t-shirts, white and black blouses, pair of good jeans, white and black shirts, little black dress, a black skirt and, pair of nude heels.  

 Always denim. If you’re shopping for a new pair of jeans, make sure you pick the ones that really fit you and are truly your size. When you doubt, I recommend you go with the smaller size. They normally stretch, ( especially after you wash them), and you don’t want to end up with unintentionally baggy pants.

Open minded. You never know what might fit you well, so next time you’re shopping and think “ that’s cute, but not my taste “, take it and try it on anyway in the fitting room. The result might surprise you.. or maybe not.

 Let’s go nude. I love nude heels and I love how longer they make my legs look. Whenever you’re in doubt about which heels you should pair your outfit with, I recommend you go for the nude heels. They’re matching your skin tone, doesn’t add to much to your outfit and are obviously a safe option. They’re the best!

Worthy pieces. We’ve all been through situations while we were shopping and though that we should get that piece just because it’s half the price and that if we don’t we’ll never find it again. Be sure you only purchase pieces you know you are going to wear. 

Element of surprise. You can take your boring outfit to a new level by only adding an element of surprise. A choker necklace with a white t-shirt, a leather jacket over a romantic dress or black belt to an all white outfit goes really well. A touch of surprise can transform your entire outfit!

 Loose & Tight. Head-to-toe loose is risky, so is the too-tight too-desperate outfit. A combination of these two is the perfect combination to a stylish outfit. Team up a loose piece with something tighter and you’re good to go! 

 Closet game. Organize your closet often, this way you will only have the pieces you actually wear and love and you will be able to see what you own and not. Keep the things you know you are going to wear, and the rest can you donate or to give to someone else. This is great to do before you’re going shopping or when the season changes.

 Confidence level. Whatever you decide to wear make sure it's making you feel comfortable. Your confidence depends on your outfit, so I always recommend you dress the way you like and feel comfortable. It doesn’t mean that it’s bad getting out of your comfort zone once in a while and wear a dress you think it’s too sexy, but if you are going for a dress that isn’t you just to impress people you might feel uncomfortable the whole time you’re wearing it.
      Denim on denim. If you want to go for a denim on denim look, make sure you’re doing it right otherwise it won’t look good. Make sure the shade of the denim aren’t the same, and remember that lighter shades of denim draw attention to the parts of the body that cover, while darker shades of denim creates a slimming effect. For example, you can wear a pair of dark denim jeans and a lighter denim top or jacket.

           Handbags. If your outfit is basic and neutral, a good idea is to make sure your bag is in a color that stands out. This way you’re balancing things and take a basic outfit to the next level.
      Knockout Accent. To make a good impression when you’re wearing a black little dress is to make sure you stand out in a good way. Don’t exaggerate with the accessories or anything else. When your evening dress is a stark stunner, one single mortal accessory is all you need. As Coco Chanel said, “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress, dress impeccably and they will remember the woman.“

      Know your size. Knowing your size will make things easier, especially when you’re shopping. It’s still a great idea you try a bigger and a smaller size in the fitting room, just to make sure you pick the right one. Some pieces might be different in size or the size label on them might be inaccurate.

      Mix prints. Stylish girls aren’t afraid to break the rules, and fearlessly they mix different patterns for a really cool outfit. Make sure that the patterns you mix have similar a color scheme.

      Shopping session. A great thing to do is to make lists before you're going shopping, this way you know what you need and should look for. Not only will you focus on finding the items you look for, but it also prevent you from buying other items and spare you an amount of time.

       Budget. If you’re shopping on a budget, I recommend you don’t invest in trends. I would much rather invest in pieces that are timeless and pieces that I can dress down and up, instead of pieces that aren't in the next season. 

           Attitude. I believe that the attitude you have when wearing an outfit is equal with the outfit. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing the most expensive designer dress, if you don’t know how to wear it you aren’t making an impression. Wear basic jeans and a white t-shirt with attitude and you might make an even better impression than if you wore that expensive dress. It’s all about your attitude. 

           ( All Photos - Polyvore )


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