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16 July 2016

Revealing the #secretdestination

I know that you’ve all been excited to find out where I was heading to and so today I’ll be revealing the #secretdestination. Sitting on the beautiful balcony while having a second cup of coffee and enjoying the sun is truly the best way to relax and of course, write. The #secretdestination as I have been naming it, it’s beautiful Torrevieja! The city is located in Southeastern Alicante province, Spain. It’s a really beautiful place with lot of sunshine, refreshing beaches and wonderful architecture that is everywhere you go. I’ll be sharing with you a few photos from today, when I went for a short walk and hopefully, you'll fall in love with this truly beautiful destination. But first, a little background story.. X 

The flight has been delayed for one hour which weren't happy news at all. The thing that was even worse was that my laptop was really low on battery.. and I couldn’t get any of the work done. In the end everything worked out and we finally took off.


Beautiful moments, beautifully captured

Photos from today

Thank you for reading. X 


  1. Beautiful photos! I've been there once, was magical! Happy Summer to u too pretty.

  2. Beautiful photos! Happy holiday

  3. Beautiful post, so happy for you. :-) I was wondering if you could do a post about travelling? I'm going on holiday soon and I'd love a good post written by you. Thank you <3

    1. YES! I agree! <3

    2. Ladies, the post you requested is up! Happy Reading! X


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