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15 July 2016

Things I want to do this summer

If you know me than you probably know that even though I like being organized, I’m still not really a making lists kind of person. If you have seen the post where I talked about Fiji, then you probably remember that I also told you about a secret destination I’ll be heading soon to. I will be travelling this week and I’m really excited, not only to get away but also to share with you new and exciting content! When I am away, I love doing as much as I can and take advantage of every single day. This is the reason I decided to make a list with all the things that I want to do while I’m there, this way I will enjoy every day even more!

Learn more Spanish. Now this is an obvious hint, but I’m only going to tell you that the official language of where I’m going is Spanish. I speak Spanish fluently, but there is always room for more knowledge and that’s why I’m going to study Spanish even just for 10 minutes every day, you know, to become a better Spanish speaker!

Activities on the beach! ( This is another hint thihi ) Since I’m having access to the beach while I’m there, I will definitely spend a lot of time on the beach. Nothing compares with a little workout or a yoga session really early on the sand.

Explore! I really love exploring and seeing things I’ve never seen before. Even though it’s not my first time travelling there, there are many things I haven’t seen yet! Getting a bottle of water, camera and of course the phone and getting out and exploring it’s something I really look forward too!

Buy magazines! I love magazines and even if I might not understand everything that’s in there, I still love looking at the photos. Magazines may get out of style, since you can pretty much read them online, but I much prefer having them in my hands.. there is something about magazines that makes me happy!

Enjoy the summer! This is obviously, but it’s important to really relax and enjoy the summer. I often think I do, but I don’t realize that I should probably stop trying to capture everything or to stop thinking too much about things, and really just be in the present, relax  and enjoy every single second of every single minute.

These are some of the things that I really want to prioritize while being there #secretdestination! Speaking of secrets, I will be revealing the #secretdestination we are heading too really soon on the blog! For updates and moments follow us on Instagram! 

Have a beautiful summer! X 

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