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29 August 2016

Let's talk smart

The back to school season is back and today I decided to talk a bit about this topic, especially after it’s been requested, on my blog. If you have any question about this topic, I will be doing a Q&A soon, so feel free to leave them in the comments section below and I’ll make sure to answer them. Happy Reading!

Going back to school and back to the old routines can be pretty hard and stressing, at least in the very beginning. I know how it feels to wake up every morning super early and thinking “ gosh, I can’t do this everyday! “. Well trust me, you totally can! There are a few things that I’d like to share with you, and I hope they’ll make things easier for you as well!

Stay organized. This is really important for me because I’m tired of stressing out about where things are and aren’t. By staying organized you will save a lot of time and energy, and when you need something & you’ll know exactly where it is. If you have a backpack, try to organize it that way you know where you keep different things. For example, I always keep the books & laptop on the biggest compartment and my notebook in the first pocket of the backpack. Once you get used to a system, you’ll feel safe and organized!

If you are into planners / agendas, I recommend to get one. You could also use your phone for that if you prefer to have it in there, but both ways works fine. Writing down homeworks, assesments, things that you need to do or other important things will help you remember them and having control over the things that you need to do and are important. 

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Complete the big task first. When you need to do a lot of things for school, the best advice that I can give anyone is to complete the biggest one first. Once you’re done with the hardest task, the others will seem easy. Do not postpone because that’s honestely a mistake that I personally did it way too many times. I’ve learned my lesson and whenever I need to do something, I do it right away just to get it done instead of postpone it all day and stressing the last minute. Do it right away and then you’ll be able to enjoy the rest of the day without knowing that you have something to do.

Other things that are important, is planning your time wisely, taking breaks between study time and ask a lot of questions. Planning your time wisely, will save you a lot of stress. Plan out your day and make sure you’re not getting exhausted. Personally, I’m not the type of person that would plan out the entire day but planning a little will give you an idea on how your day will look like. Ask questions when there is something you don’t know. Don’t feel shy or embarassed, because there is nothing wrong with asking questions, trust me. Your teacher will even appreaciate your interest and they will be happy to help you. Ask questions instead of thinking too much about something you don't have clue on. Do things the easy way.

Plan your outfit the night before. This might help you a lot if you’re the kind of person who usually spend way too much time in the morning trying to find what to wear for the day. Choosing the outfit the night before will save you a lot of time and it’s really a good idea if you’re struggling when choosing an outfit. This works great for lunch as well. The night before you can prepare your lunch and have it in the fridge, ready for tomorrow. This way you will also be able to eat healthier. 


  1. Alexandra_Deea97Aug 29, 2016, 7:30:00 PM

    Aw, thank you so much for this post! Loved it :)

    1. How do you get along with mean girls?
    2. How to eat healthy while being at school?
    3. Tips on studying for a test?

  2. Easy and fast makeup look for school? Lovely post btw <3

  3. How to deal with annoying teachers? Hope you answer this one.. would be really helpful.. :)

  4. Healthy lunch ideas? :x

  5. What is your all time favourite dream destination?
    How did you and your boyfriend meet?
    What is your guilty pleasure?
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    LOVE YOUR BLOG :-) Have a nice day beautiful <3


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