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18 June 2016

/// Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. ///

Last week, I went hiking and luckily, I brought my beloved camera with me. I still remember how beautiful that day was, even more beautiful than what the photos below can describe. It was a day where not only my eyes were delighted, but also my soul. It’s much simpler for your eyes to be delighted than your soul, so when you feel your soul being delighted know that, that day was a good day. Not only I got to take some wonderful photos, in my opinion, but I also felt a connection between me and nature. If you are a nature type of person then you probably know that nature makes you feel better and that nature is always a good place to relax in. 

Being away from the internet world for a few hours, gave me plenty of time to relax and enjoy the stillness and beauty around me. The fresh air, the adorable birds and their adorable songs, and most importantly, the sea made me feel so much better. I think sometimes it’s important to unwind and to be in the nature, without checking the phone or scrolling down on social media platforms all the time. 

Maybe you don’t have the possibility to hike in the woods or run by the sea, but even a park works fine. The point is to be outside, away from the internet and enjoying the nature. At the end, you will end up being more stress-free, positive, happy, and most likely, with many wonderful photos. 

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